May 26, 2020

15 Best Hikes in Patagonia

Steph Dyson @worldlyadventur is a writer, guidebook author & blogger. Author of Chile @MoonGuides, and Peru @RoughGuides....+More
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documentary – Nomad women migrating in Mongolia

Marinel Malvar de Jesus is a Filipina American lawyer who decided to leave that world...+More
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Trans-Catalina Trail, California

As I post the current operation system of Mac computers is called Catalina. … only 27...+More
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hiking Hampta Pass, India

Best months June, July, August, September. A BIG plus for me is the short 19...+More
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Locked down for COVID-19, we’ve had time to do some housekeeping / updating on our...+More
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10 beautiful places worldwide

Ryan Van Duzer posted his personal favourites. It includes the EVEREST BASE CAMP / 3...+More
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Great Hikes in Yukon

We’d rank Chilkoot Trail the best hike in Yukon. Click through to see the full...+More
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150 days thruhiking New Zealand

Gerben van der Zwaard and his partner completed the Te Araroa trail just in time...+More
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Southern Sierra High Route

Pie on the Trail: The Southern Sierra High Route (SSHR) was developed by Alan Dixon and Don...+More
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Stingy Nomads do Fish River Canyon, Namibia

We based our Fish River information page much on Stingy Nomad’s trip report: Some guide...+More
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