January 18, 2019


Okay… So I bought myself a Christmas present. We all do it right? Right?

I purchased the Lodge Sportsman’s Grill prior to Christmas and proceeded to immediately put it together then stare at intently wondering when I would finally get to use it given all of the holiday fanfare.

Well, I finally used it. I will admit, I had visions of a Porterhouse suberbly marinated for at least twelve hours with grilled asparagus dining in the woods… but, I made burgers in the backyard just the other night. 

I knew that anything Lodge made was going to be a forever purchase, meaning that the purchase would last me forever. Upon recieving the grill and putting it together not only did I have proof that it is a forever item of gear but one I will bet lots of use out of. I love cooking outdoors, over fire and with cast iron… this grill is the tri-fecta of outdoor goodness. 

I am truly stoked to use it in the wild with a menu worthy of its sturdy seasoned cast ironness. It’s a word. Look it up! 🙂

Based on initial quality, ease of use and the wide range of uses this grill is well worth twice the price. I know this is a short post, but I am really excited about this purchase. I intend to update in the furture how I am using the grill, what I am cooking with it (including recipes) and where I am using it.

Keep Hikng Forward!


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