February 22, 2020


Can You Believe People Don’t Want to Do This? Crazy Talk!


Yeah, I said it… It’s January and cold here in Illinois as you might imagine. In order to get outside with the family and friends sometimes you need to make compromises because not everybody enjoys the thrill and honor of camping and sleeping outdoors when it is 7 degrees outside. Weirdos!

In order to get people to this point of enjoying the outdoors in all four seasons you need to sometimes ease them into it. Instead of tent camping maybe it’s the right time to introduce a rustic cabin with winter hiking. This weekend I will be doing just this with the family and some friends. A place and trails I know well be the destination along with no adequate cell service or wifi (sorry kids!).

Unplugging and disconnecting from the outside world even for 24 hours is a must for getting people aware of their surroundings and realizing they can live without these daily necessities. A word burning stove, rustic but amazing meals and winter hiking will soon fill their memories and lighten their future opinions of re-engaging in this type of activity again.

I encourage you to think of others when you are planning your winter outdoor adventures, and think of how you too can bring others along to experience all of nature’s wintertime splendor. You might have to make a few compromises from your normal methods of being outdoors, but you might enjoy the company and will surely enjoy sharing in your outdoor craft and sharing the outdoors.

Keep Hiking Forward!


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