February 22, 2020


You know, “Breakfast”! Like waffles on a Sunday morning or… Warm ooey gooey cinnamon buns on a Saturday morning? Wouldn’t having those weekend comforts of home be amazing to have when on trail or while camping on the weekend? Well now you can. 

Being able to have that experience of a real breakfast would be amazing but to have it for a fraction of the calories and a lot healthier too… Is Beyond Cereal. 

Introducing the new Quest line of Cereal Protein Bars. These bars (as pictured above) come in Chocolate, Cinnamon Roll (Mmmmmmm) and Waffles. 

At just 110 calories, you won’t feel guilty like you would if you were home this weekend eating multiple helping of waffles. You are an active person, a weekend warrior, who still gets to eat his/her favorite breakfast in a protein bar. These bars are also Gluten free and pack 12 grams of protein to help you reach the next summit and beyond.

Local carbs and high fiber make this the ultimate morning treat to start your day outdoors. 


The question is now… where do you find these bars? That’s easy! Head over to your local Vitamin Shoppe and check out the huge selection of quest Beyond Cereal Protein Bars. ​ Better yet… Click here to check out the Quest Bars on Vitamin Shoppe website.

Enjoy those Quest Bars All!

And Keep Hiking Forward!


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