February 22, 2020


The Teton Sports Trailhead +20°F Ultralight Sleeping Bag is much superior to my old similarly priced sleeping bag for one huge reason: the Teton’s zipper never gets stuck.  When camping, I usually turn in for the night dead-dog tired and cold.  Even though Dad always warns me to zip slowly to not snag the fabric, I always jerk the zipper. 

With the old sleeping bag, the zipper would get hopelessly stuck, and Dad would have to fix it while I sat cold and guilty for getting it stuck again. Over the past year I have slept in my new Teton bag on several camping, backpacking, and canoeing trips. The zipper always zooms up, and I begin to feel warm pretty quickly. The Teton’s quality zipper is what makes it stand above others in its price range.
Other advantages:

  • The inside of the bag is sort of a warm, silky material instead of a slippery, cold-feeling material
  • Packs down very small for backpacking
  • Only weighs 2.9lbs
  • There is a secret pocket inside the bag for stuff you don’t want your scout friends to find
  • On warmer nights, you can unzip it till the last few inches at the feet, and it’s the perfect blanket

For more information about Teton Sports visit them at www.tetonsports.com 

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