February 22, 2020


No matter where you and your family go this summer one thing is certain we all need toilet paper. But some may not be aware that depending on where you and your family may seek your summertime adventure that it is best to use a different kind of toilet paper.

Many outdoor and camping toilet applications require a septic safe toilet paper to ensure the system doesn’t get clogged or if you and your family are RV’ers or are using a portable toilet the proper tp is needed to keep everything working the whole weekend.

Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper is definitely a summer essential if you are boating, camping, rving or even spending the weekend or longer in a cabin on a septic system. Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper dissolves four times faster in water versus your normal household toilet paper. 

This capability to dissolve quickly ensures septic systems, your rv or boat systems or just your simple portable toilet won’t clog on your trip. A clogged or full system from expanding tp versus dissolving tp will make for a very unhappy weekend. 

Planning your weekends out accordingly always ensures that as a family you remember all the essential equipment and supplies and keeps you from having to run to the campstore or back in town for supplies. These supply runs always end up costing your family time away from your planned activities and costing you lots of money. Small town stores and campstores specifically don’t carry a lot of stock and they tend to increase prices to offer you the convenience of buying what you need while camping.

Be prepared this season and purchase all the Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper you need at one time so that you don’t get stuck paying in both time and money on your next adventure. 

Scott and Amazon have teamed up to offer a $2.50 coupon to help you stock up for the season. 


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