February 22, 2020


The Teton Sports Escape 4300 Backpack holds 70 liters, which is enough to hike in the wilderness for a week!
While the main compartment is a top-loading,large opening with a divider for putting smaller items, there are lots of smaller storage areas throughout.  It has 2 long, zippered side storage areas where I put my collapsible fishing pole and tackle. I use the large bottom-access storage area for my sleeping bag and a jacket in case the weather changes. In one compartment on the top hood, I keep my toiletries, and in the other I keep my whistle, headlamp, matches, and first aid kit. My favorite compartment is a small zippered pocket in the waist belt because I can have easy access to a granola bar or trail mix while hiking without taking the pack off.  Just be sure to empty all these compartments when you come home, or you might think you lost your knife while it is just hiding in your backpack.  It has happened to me.
The Teton Escape 4300 backpack is designed long and narrow, just like me.  This isn’t a youth backpack, and would be too big for many younger hikers.  But I’m very tall for my age, and the torso adjusts from 17-21 inches, so it fits well now, and I should be able to continue to wear it as I grow.  I found this pack very comfortable to hike in as I could maneuver around tight spaces without getting hung-up by a bulky backpack.  When our scouting group went through a short, very narrow cave, my backpack fit just fine while friends with wider, smaller-volume packs were scraping and pulling their packs to get them through.
Backpacking for Kids
I strongly encourage parents to take older kids backpacking. When backpacking, always carry a water filter and plenty of easy-to-prepare food and don’t sweat the rest.  I like short, hard trails, ending at a fun destination like a waterfall or swimming hole. Be sure to fish for a few minutes in ponds, climb to the top of every rock, cut vines to swing, and catch crawfish in the creeks.
Room for anything you want to take with you backpacking for several days      
Relatively lightweight for a large pack (4.75 pounds)
A snack pocket on the waist belt
It is green, my favorite color!
The only potential problem with this pack is that there are so many pockets that you can easily forget where you put something.  Be organized, and have a plan for where you put each item when you pack!

Keep Hiking Forward!


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