August 18, 2019

The Huella Andina is a series of routes totalling about 600km. They are not all connected.

Some sections are signposted and marked. Some are not.

There are numerous resupply points along the way.

I checked in person with Club Andino Bariloche and the Nahuel Huapi National Park Office about their section of the Huella Andina. It exists. But is far less popular than the other hikes.

They gave me a free map of the Huella Andina showing about 27 hours of hiking over 4 sections. Difficulty of those sections was rated easy to severe. In fact, a parks officer recommended hiring a guide for the 10 hours between Refugio Jacob to Los Cesares.

In addition, there’s a section of road walking.

Click PLAY or watch 18 days of highlights on YouTube.

Online I’m reading that development of the long distance Huella Andina has come to a halt due to lack of resources from the Argentine Ministry of Tourism.


Huella Andina connects to the Greater Patagonian Trail on the shore of Lago Puelo. Adventurers might try to loop sections of the two new long distance hikes.

If you want to know more check Wikiexplora – Huella Andina (Spanish)

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