September 15, 2019

John Soars announced two books available for preorder.

Day Hiking: Mount Shasta, Lassen & Trinity Alps Regions

Tongariro Northern Circuit is one of our top 10 hikes in the world.

Just next door is the much less tramped Ruapehu Around-the-mountain track.

flickr – larger version – Rich Childs

Maple Kiwi just completed the adventure during the New Zealand summer:

… As you may deduce from the name, the track loops around Mt Ruapehu, an active volcano in the centre of New Zealand’s North Island. Ruapehu hasn’t had any serious indigestion since 1996, but knowing what bubbles beneath does add a bit of excitement to the tramp.

I’m not sure what possessed us to do a six-day tramp after nothing more than day hikes all spring. Luckily we made it through without too much pain.

We began the walk at Whakapapa Village …

read more – Love in a Tent – Ruapehu Round-the-mountain Part 1

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