December 12, 2018

Ayear and a half and 22,530 kilometres after setting off from Ushuaia, in Patagonia, Holly ‘Cargo’ Harrison completed one of the world’s longest trails, walking north to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in just 530 days.

He has thereby beaten his predecessor, a British explorer named George Meegan, who completed this journey in six years (1977-1983). Harrison averaged more than 24km every day, and once walked three times that amount within 24 hours. …

Holly Harrison’s 530-Day Walk

One highlight was walking the Darién Gap between Colombia and Panama with a local guide.

To his surprise, he was “treated like a king” by the insurgents, indigenous groups and traffickers. He described this experience as “the most enlightening part of the trip”. Unfortunately, as he arrived in Panama, he had his passport seized and was taken to a detention centre by Panamanian authorities …

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